Write Your Book. Fast & Simple.
Join us for a live, online weekend retreat where we will show you
everything you will need to write your book and have it ready to sell!
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"Are you in recovery from something (depression, cancer, divorce, addiction, PTSD, etc.) and have a desire to write about your experience? Roger and I have launched our online Writer’s Retreat that will teach you how to write your story–from start to finish–and self-publish your book, the way I did, in order to heal yourself and help others"
Sarah Roberts
Author Of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge
Become An Author - Heal Yourself And Help Others
Plan And Strategize
We will show you exactly how to plan out your book and get your thoughts on paper. We will cover coming up with a topic and theme for your book, how to organize it, and how to structure it.
Write It Down Now
We are going to start writing! That's right. The reason I was able to hold my book in my hands just 4 months after having the idea to do it was because I made sure to sit down and start writing, so we are going to make sure that you start writing your book right away. 
Change lives, publish, and sell it!
We are going to show you exactly what tools and programs you can use to get your book designed, self published, and available for sale. We will even show you how you can turn your book into a business helping people. 
So How Does It work?
You Will Learn How To...
  • Decide on a topic
  •  Choose a theme for your book
  •  Actually start writing!
  •  Organize your thoughts/stories
  •  Write in a way that is compelling
  •  Not get overwhelmed with the process
  • Size and space your book for publishing
  •  Design a cover
  •  Have a great author photo
  •  Self publish your book
  •  Market and sell your book
  •  Turn your book into a business
  •  and more!
Meet Your Instructors

Sarah Roberts

Sarah is a wellness entrepreneur and the author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge as well as the founder of the popular blog SarahTalksFood.com and the creator of The 6 Week Sugar Freedom eCourse. 

Roger Deveau

Roger is a strategic marketer who specializes in helping people turn their knowledge and experiences into products that can change lives. He is passionate about showing people how they can start their own business without spending a lot of time or money.
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